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BlizzCon Badge Fin - Zanaji by MagicalMelonBall BlizzCon Badge Fin - Zanaji by MagicalMelonBall
Alternate Title: Why I Suck At Commissions

I'll be copy pasting this into another journal post soon, but I wanted to get this out now.

This commission was accepted in 2011. A few months before BlizzCon. I'm just now finishing the color. Why? Because I'm a terrible person. There's plenty of excuses that, to me, justify why I'm a terrible person, but this isn't the place for that.

I'm sorry to Zanaji. I'm sorry to the people who commissioned me in Feb of '12, and I still haven't finished two out of the three from that month.

I'm sorry to the people I have turned away for commissions because I was behind on these.

I'm sorry for being all around a terrible artist.

The original commission was only supposed to be a base color with small detail, but I did my best under my current condition to make it more than that to make up for the late time and just being stupid lame in general.
Zanaji Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
It's beautiful. Yeah it would have been nice to see it sooner, but I didn't end up getting to go to Blizzcon anyway, so now i'll have it fresh for the next one :)
pixelstudios Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
I still think it turned out great!
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